University Coursework - First Year

In year 1 I did really well, achieving a Mid-First overall. I came first in the Computer Science cluster and was awarded the Dan Ryland prize for my academic achievement by the Department of Computing. The following modules were completed and links to relevant coursework.

Foundations of Computing Technology and Programming

This module had four strands including programming and technical aspects that introduced students to the fundamentals of writing computer programs, as well as numeracy and website development.

Essential Skills

This module helped to develop the professional skills required in industry. We learned how to confidently deal with numerical aspects of your course and practice web publishing skills by creating and formatting basic web documentation which, was obviously very easy given my experience!

Computer Science Programming

I learned about programming languages relevant to software with industrial scale, reliability and performance characteristics using the C++ language.

Computer Technology and Mathematics

This module focused on understanding how a computer works, looking at issues arising from the hardware architecture and also extend my mathematical knowledge and ability.

Systems Analysis and Design (SAD)

This module was an introduction to the fundamental principles of SAD, giving a working knowledge of key systems development methodologies, techniques and tools.

Professional Development for Industry

This module focused on enhancing employability potential by increasing awareness of the technological, social and economic factors driving the IT industry.

University Coursework - Second Year

In year 2 I did really well, achieving a High-First overall. I came first in the Computer Science cluster again and was awarded a prize for my academic achievement by the Department of Computing. You can see some examples of my work in the coursework section of this website and see some feedback from projects.

Year 2 - Studies

Information and Database Engineering

This module centered on the use of PLSQL and Oracle to teach the the nature and application of database management systems and acquire skills for database administration and management.

Internet Application Programming

This was an easy module for me as it taught the skills associated with web development and web application development

Practical Project Management and Professional Development

Continued professional development and lifelong learning are important to your future career. This module focused on a group project, creating a calendar application, of which I was the team leader.

Software Design and Implementation

this module equips you with knowledge of, and skills in, software development techniques to support the development of robust, secure, maintainable and portable software systems. This centered around a year long group project developing an image annotations application, of which I was the team leader.

Software Engineering

This was one of the most useful modules, focusing on topics such as continual integration, test first development, pair programming, unit testing and more.

Systems Software

We learned about operating systems theory, network solutions, design and implementation and how computer systems can be connected to form large complex distributed systems. The coursework for this was a Java based weather sensor and server application using TCP and threading.

University Coursework - Final Year

In year 3, the Covid-19 Pandemic was in full effect and I spent more time on mentoring as I felt that it was vital for new students to have the support they needed in such an uncertain time. I still did really well academically, although my focus had shifted a little, achieving a Low-First overall however I did receive the Jamie Marshall award for my contribution through mentoring.

Final Year Project

My project attempted to investigate the need and market for an affordable weather station that has comparable sensor readings and features to those commercially available, with the emphasis on making a device that would be suitable and within the budget of small farmers whose livelihoods depend on their crop. The project also attempted to form a conclusion on whether mass-produced consumer electronics and microcontrollers were capable of this task.

Advanced Analysis and Design

This module focused on the process of creating a plan for and then developing and testing the software produced as well as taking us through the steps in running an AGILE based project. The coursework for this was a group project and involved the planning and creation of a pharmacy system to handle the creation of repeat prescriptions and bloodwork.

Advanced Software Engineering

This module built upon the previous year and taught us how to check the speed of code, choose the correct data structures, Test Driven Development, Property Based Testing, Haskell and Big O Notation

Mobile Platform Applications

This module gave an awareness of the requirements, capabilities and constraints of a variety of mobile platform technologies and showed how they can be used to build systems that are outside the traditional desktop paradigm. My project for this module was a Java Android cafe ordering system for use in Covid-19 times.

Service-centric and Cloud Computing

This module covered the technical side of using the cloud in applicationa although the information was very dated and focused on RESTful API's and techniques that are dated in terms of cloud computing at this time.

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